Confederate Republic of Aztlan

República Confederada de Aztlán (Spanish)


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Confederate Presidential Republic

Aztlan, officially the Confederate Republic of Aztlan, was a nation located in the southwestern portion of present-day Panem. The nation existed from June 5th, 2226 until November 30th, 2311; when it was re-incorporated in the United States. The area occupied by Aztlan includes parts of districts 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, and a very small area of land in the southeast of the Capitol.

Aztlan was a republic, with a government very similar to that of the United States. In 2311, Aztlan and the United States re-united to fight against Cascadia (which had renamed themselves Panamerica). After a war lasting seven years, Panamerica was victorious, and Panem arose.

American Era Edit

Aztlan's territory was occupied by the United States (the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and parts of Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, and western Texas) from 1848 until 2226. In 2226, the old capital of the United States was inundated by the rising seas, severely detracting from the nation's power. Aztlan was one of the areas to separate from the United States during that time. The two nations signed an alliance pact.

Cataclysms Edit

Aztlan was affected by the Great Cataclysms. Major cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco were inundated by the rising seas, as was the Central Valley; a major growing area. There was a severe drought in the southern areas of Utah and Nevada, and northern Arizona, due to a major reservoir running dry. However, pipelines from the seas and desalinization plants were built, ending the drought. New growing areas emerged in Eastern California and parts of Nevada.

Re-Unification with the United States and War With Cascadia Edit

By 2300, Cascadia had grown to encompass a majority of the northwestern part of the North American continent, and had renamed themselves Panamerica. Relations between Panamerica and Aztlan remained relatively stable up until late 2309, when Panamerica overtook the nation of New Louisiana. Aztlan feared that they were next to be encompassed by Panamerica, and these fears were realized in May of 2310 when 6 Panamericans were arrested in the Aztlanio capital of Santa Fe, who were planning an attempt to assassinate important members of the government. In October of 2310, Texas ceded themselves to Aztlan. In 2311, Aztlan and the United States reunited and declared war on Panamerica. This war lasted for seven years, and for a large majority of that time, the war went in favor of the United States. However, in 2316, Panamerica bombed many important American cities and bases, eventually forcing their surrender in 2318.

Government Edit

Aztlan's government was a Confederate Republic, similar to that of the United States. However, the states of Aztlan had more power than those of the United States. The legislature was the Congress of Aztlan, which consisted of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each state also had its own government. The head of state was the President of Aztlan.