District 1 is one of the 33 Districts of Circenses.

Main IndustryEdit

district 1's people are government Employees, Peacekeepers and other government workers


Due to District 1's proximity and reliance to the Capitol, the district's culture relies heavily on the Capitol's culture.


Much like the Capitol, the food in District 1 is gourmet and use only the finest ingredients. The Worldwide Deficit reduced the finest meals from edible gold muffins to store-bought pudding boxes. Recipes are not associated with family tradition, so recipes are not personal.


The Capitol's tradition of rich, luxurious weddings and not personal, homely type weddings have rubbed off onto this District's marriage traditions. The only tradition that has been maintained is plotting white candles around the newlyweds house for three days.


Capitol fashion is worn around District 1 as social clothing. Regular working clothes include Peacekeeper uniforms and the white tie tuxedo for the average government worker.