District 2 is one of the 33 Districts of Circenses.

Main IndustryEdit

Entertainment, main supplier of entertainers which may include artists, writers, musicians, and others


The influence from the Capitol and District 22 have influenced much of the District's culture.


Due to it's proximity to the Capitol, the food is much like the Capitol's food except for the fact that there is less salt available in District 2, so only the richest in District 2 can afford to have salty foods.


Unlike the Capitol, there are no wedding ceremonies due to the fact that the entertainers move to different Distrcts corresponding to their talent.


Capitol clothing are rare luxuries here and are bought by only the Mayor (there are no clothing stores in District 2) and he buys his clothing when he goes to the Capitol. All other clothing is handmade from a frequently seen fabric called velvet.

Other Elements of CultureEdit

The main weapons of District 2 citizens include golden and silver bow and arrows, AK-47s, and an assortment of various daggers. They specialize in camoflage, defense mechanisms, and training jabberjays.