District 3 is one of the 33 Districts of Circenses

Main IndustryEdit

Petroleum, the leading supplier of gasoline and other power products that power bothe Panem and Circenses.

Mayor of District 3Edit

Lewin Abbadelli


Unlike the other districts, there is no defined culture or any influence on this District's culture.


Due to the mass immigration of many District 4 residents and the District's proximity to the sea, their diet heavily relies on the tessarae and sealife surrounding the District.


After officially marrying in the Justice Building, District 3 citizens jump into the sea with their best clothes and have to help each other survive the treacherous journey back to land, signifying their survival together.


Due to the poverty afflicted after the Dark Eon, they usually only have a pair of reaping clothing and a simple pair of work clothes, much like a miner's.

Other Elements of CultureEdit

The main weapon of District 3 citizens are spears due to the fact that the process of mining includes enormous upper body strength. Their specialty is making bombs out of any earthen material, the possibility of making any escape from their bombs is not possible.