A Canto dos Vencedores (Song of the Victors) is the national anthem of the Supreme Union of Circenses. Composed immediately after the end of the rebellion, the song glorifies the armies who stayed loyal to the government and established the nation of Circenses after the rebels' defeat. It is written in the Novolusitanic language, which refers to the mix of Spanish and Portuguese that is spoken in Circenses.


¡Gloria ao Circenses, Unión Suprema!

Fuerte en la Batalla, vitória a noz

Viva la exército, protegé la paz

Lucha por La Unión, permanece para sempre.

Seu povo era fiel, contra as traidores

Levantó la bandera, no aire voa

Provocou a derrota de los rebeldes

Nunca caer ves más, muy fuerte y alto

¡Viva as pessoas que mantuvo la ley!

Esculpido na historia y muito honorado

Treinta-tres y Providencia, junto de uno

Todo el pueblo chanam <<Summum Circenses Aeternum>>


Glory to Circenses, supreme union!

Strong in the war, victory to us

Long live the army, protect the peace

Fight for The Union, it will remain forever more

Her people were faithful against the traitors

They raised up the flag, in our sky it flies

Caused the downfall of the rebels,

It will never fall again, very strong and tall

Long live the people who kept to the law!

Carved into history and greatly honored

Thirty-three and Providencia, together as one

All of the people call out "Circenses, Forever Supreme"!