The flag of the Colonia Territory


"Terra Nullius"


"No man's land"

Claimed by

Panem, Circenses, Tierra Taina

Colonia is an uninhabited disputed territory. It is has been claimed by Panem, and Tierra Taina. It is located on an island in what once was Panama.


Colonia exists on an island that came to be due to higher sea levels. It exists in what once was Panama.

Tierra Taina ResearchEdit

37 years prior to the day, Tierra Taina began scientific research on Colonia. The Spanish speaking leader named the island "Colonia", maening "Colony" in Spanish. Their research was mainly compromised of the local jungles and the ancient civilizations that once dwelled there. They found the land uninhabited and showing signs of heavy storms of recent.

Panem-Tierra Taina EncounterEdit

The encounter of the People of Panem and the Tainos led to the informing of the territory of Colonia.


After the rebellion in Panem, which subsequently led to the independence of Circenses, they both began to expand. their empires. This also led to the claiming of Colonia by the two nations. It is currently uninhabited except by the temporary Taino residents there for scientific purposes.


The flag of Colonia is based off Panama's.


The red star resembles the red flag of Panem. The white star represents the white star on the Taino flag. The brown represents the brown of the flag of Circenses.

The Burgundy CrossEdit

The Burgundy cross is a colonial symbol of Spain. Panama was once a Spanish Colony. This represets the very colonialism which the island is named for.