District 1 is one of the fourteen districts of Panem.

District 1
The Seal of District 1

Seat of Government



Argentum Angelo

Area (Combined Land/Water)

99,032 sq. miles


Approx. 1,255,260 (2576 Census)

Mayor Liaison to The Capitol

Ludovici Ambronzius

Senators (National)

Paulus Avilius

Antonius Ianuarius

District Representatives

Felix Marianus

Caviar Septimus

Aurem Tatius

Main Industry

Luxury Goods

General informationEdit

District 1 is responsible for the manufacture of luxury items and goods. Before the Second Rebellion, District 1 solely manufactured luxury items for The Capitol, and to a lesser extent for themselves. Citizens of District 1 (especially the upper-class citizens) have been known to dress extravagantly, but to a lesser degree than The Capitol's citizens. Children of District 1 are known to have names that are uncommon in the rest of Panem (such as Glimmer, Gloss, Marvel, Cashmere, Caviar, etc.). However, this tradition has for the most part been discontinued. District 1 is by far the richest district of Panem.


The seat of government is in Juno, which is located in the center of the District. The current mayor is Argentum Angelo.


The west of District 1, where the town of Felicitas is located, is mountainous, and the center and west are mostly rolling hills and plains, much like the geography of District 9, which it borders to the east. The town of Baccchus is located in the northeast of the district.


Originally, it was common to have children here named for precious items. It has become uncommon for this, but in honor of those passed in the war (since they were named for those things), some are still named this. The names here are still uncommon in the rest of Panem. Their names are now mostly words. Examples include: Maple, Oak, Rose, Bell, Mist ect.

Their fashions are sometimes intertwined with the Capitol's; mainly by upper class citizens.

Immigration isn't common here.

Second RebellionEdit

District 1 was the last district to revolt against The Capitol during the Second Rebellion, doing so only three months before the capture of The Capitol. District 1 were loyal supporters of The Capitol, and rebelled due to pressure from the other districts, and also due to the fact that The Capitol started using District 1 as a shield. The rebellion in District 1 was the final straw in the rebellion of the districts, once D1 had rebelled, the Rebellion became the 12 (or you could say 13) districts against The Capitol, in which the Capitol became severely outnumbered and outmatched as far as military and weapons strength.


District 1 continues to provide luxury goods for The Capitol, but now also provides to the other districts. Arts, clothing makeup, jewelry and other things similar to the original industry dominate here.

Official descriptionEdit

"District 1 makes the luxury goods that decorate and beautify our great Capitol. Its excellent taste and craftsmanship keep Capitol residents bewigged and bedazzled year-round."