District 7 seal

District 7 is one of the fourteen district of the fourteen districts of Panem.


Many ceremonies are held by people whom hold different beliefs throughout the vast District 7. Many of them involve lumber somehow. Most involve burning it. This is the only cultural definition of District 7 except that many of them hold experience with axes, saws, hatchets and other tree-cutting materials. Many of them can easily identify edible plants and are skilled with plantlife.


The mayor of District 7 is called John Axe.


After the war, many from District 7 became farmers. It is a common industry here. The trees have also always provided paper. The taiga where the District is located provides varied hunting options, and sea access is helpful with any fishing or whaling. However, lumber is still a major industry here. Dendrology (study of trees) was common, and those who chose that field of work heavily moved to District 10, the scientific Capital of Panem.

Official DescriptionEdit

"This beautiful district is lush with trees, from which these citizens provide our lumber and paper.The people of District 7 are hardworking and down-to-earth."