Dominion of the East

Доминион Востока


Miền Đông

Дорнодын эрх мэдэл

Dominion Timur





Krasnoyarsk (2498-2500)

Yakutsk (2500-2502)

Choybalsan (2502-2512)


May 6th, 2496 (Dominion of East Russia Established)

Supreme Ruler

Yasil Ilyuyban Dolohinziy-Krung


Most High Cabinet of Law Ministers


3.9 Billion (2512)

Government Type

Authoritarian Dictatorship

Average Per Capita GDP

$8,958 (PPP, 2512)


Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Indonesian, Thai, Lao, Burman (attempts to create nationwide language)


Domoni (DMM)

The Dominion of the East was a nation in East Asia that existed from 2496 to 2512. It was characterized both by its immense territory and population, as well as its oppressive, authoritarian, and highly militaristic policies. Yasil Dolohinziy-Krung was elected president of the Republic of Krasnoyarsk in 2493, and in 2495, a union between Krasnoyarsk and the Siberian Confederation was established, and finally, in 2496, the Siberian Dominion unified with the rest of the nations in Eastern Russia and Mongolia, becoming the Dominion of East Russia. After much of China's population and land in the Eastern part of China was annexed, the name was changed to The Dominion of the East. Choybalsan was established as the capital in 2502. Yasil Dolohinziy-Krung named himself as the Supreme Ruler. In 2500, the Dominion of the East united with the Democratic Republic of Indochina, which was composed of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmmar. The Dominion was one of the main aggressors in the Fourth World War, from 2504 to 2511.