The Flag of the Republic of Panem, often referred to as just the Flag of Panem, is the national flag of Panem. The current flag consists of a golden laurel wreath and banner, with the name "Panem" inscribed on the banner. The center is a slightly darker shade of gold, and represents the Capitol and the sun rising on a new nation. This seal is surrounded by 14 stars to represent the 14 districts. This is all on a dark blue backgroud to represent true loyalty and unity.

Panem Republic Flag

Current Panem Flag

History Edit

Before Panem Edit

There were 5 nations in North America before Panem, each with there own flag.

US Flag

United States

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New Louisisana

New Louisiana

Early Panem Edit

When Cascadia enveloped New Louisiana, they changed their name to Panamerica.



In Panem's early years, there were many different flags. The flag that was used up until the Second Rebellion was chosen in 2342 AD (24 AP) by the Supreme Council.

Pre-Rebellion and Hunger Games Era Edit

The Supreme Council chose the red and gold flag of Panem in 2342, with the passage of the Panem Flag Act. The flag had a bird (either an eagle or a phoenix) with its wings outstretched, and holding arrows in its talons. The seal is surrounded by a laurel wreath and is on a red background.

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Dark Days (First Rebellion) Edit

During the Dark Days, the rebels used a Blue and Gold flag with 2 stars. These stars represented the people of Panem and the desire for democracy. The blue represented freedom.

Panem first

Second Rebellion Edit

During the Second Rebellion, various designs of the Mockingjay flag were used.

Mockingjay flag

After the Second Rebellion, a flag with a white stripe and circle with 14 stars in the center was used for a short time, but the people thought it looked too much like the flag of old Panem. So, in 2577, the Republic Flag Act was passed, establishing the Blue and Gold flag as official.

Panem Flag

New Panem Flag

Panem Republic Flag

Panem Republic Flag