This gallery of flags shows the flags of nations that appear on the list of nations. It then shows their subnational flags or symbols.

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Heraldic Symbolism in FlagsEdit

  • Tugonia

The flag is divided into quarters (quartered) by a White Cross. White and Red are the colors of Panem's flag and are used throughout.

In the Upper Canton, the flag of Panem is displayed. In the lower left and upper right quarters of the flag, a five pointed star, matching that of Panem's is used to represent the two territories of the old Panem which formed modern Tugonia, Norland and Hochelaga. A fleur-de-lis represents the french culture of Hochelaga in the lower right-hand quarter.

  • Panem

The flag is a horizontal tricolore divided composed of the color's of red and white with a white circle in the middle. A red circle is inside the white circle that serves as a border. A crown of 14 white stars exists in the red circle with a large on inside. The 14 stars in the crown represent the 14 districts with the centered one representing the Capitol. Red is the color of anarchy, revolution and bloodshed. White represents hardiness an valour (like a column of empire), as well as the purity for the cause of revolution.

  • Antillean Confederation

The flag is cut into quarters by a white cross. The two upper quarters are blue and the lower two are red. The Upper left hand quarter has a white star. It is a combination of the quartered flag of the former Dominican Republic and the white star of Puerto Rico.