Antarctica Flag 4
The cultural flag of the Gauls


"Tres partes unius"


"Three divisions, one Nation"


Korra (de-facto)

Spoken Language





Tribal Monarchy, Tribal Chiefdom, Theocracy



Gaulia is a small group of unorganized tribes. They are small in numbers but are attempting with all their might to secede from Adelia.


The Gaulian government is actually three governments, one for each tribe of people.


Korra is a patriarchal monarchy but has the aspects of a tribal group because the Chief is the Head of State. Labor division is dependent on gender: men serve as hunters, fishermen and warriors, and women serve as homemakers. The reigning monarch is near all-powerful, but he can be removed by the populace.

There is a small council that advises to the Tribal Chief, which is made up of the previous leader, the Queen, the Representatives of the City and Representatives of the other tribes.

Coastal TribeEdit

Decisions in the Coastal Tribe are made exclusively by the current Chief. Politics appear to be extremely simple in the Coastal Tribe, with only one person in power and all others completely loyal to that person. The people can easily object due to their low population.

The Coastal Tribe is a much smaller and less stratified society, unlike Korra.

Nomadic TribeEdit

The Nomads had no overall government that made unified decisions. Instead, they have a Councils of Monks that presided over the tribe respectively. The Council of Monks had no exact leadership or rule. They were just a group of wise masters that made decisions regarding the tribe and its people.



Much of Adelia's founding is shrouded in mystery, however, it is known that modern Adelians are ancestors of those who dedicated their lives in the South Pole to scientific research. The Gauls were incorporated into Adelia.

Modern History Edit

About 150 years ago, Adelia's parliamentary democracy fell to an absolute monarchy ruled from a far away island named after a ancient monarch, a probable descendant of this one. The people, too weak to fight back had their just government fall to a ruler of unspeakable power. The ruler after this one was infamous, not for glory, but for evil. He made the people serve him with unspeakable rath. He sparked the everlasting rebellion.

The RebellionEdit

What began as several minor protests turned into an organized rebellion. The absolute monarchy was peaking and was about to fell after 23 years of rebellion. A piece of Adelia had actually managed to break off, mainly because of its seperstion from the mainland. The newest king decided to play his enemies against eachother. He purposefully began a civil war to save him, his family and the Capital.

The Civil WarEdit

The war soon began to turn all of the people against eachother, forming political boundaries based on cultural ones. The Gauls stayed united against a common enemy and they work with Aussie to secede.


  • Gaulia exists on the French Antarctic Claim
  • Gaulia is based off Gaul, a Roman name for France.
  • The Gaulian Flag is France's with the French Antarctic Seal.
  • People here speak a variation of French.