A Map of Panem Edit

Panem Political Map plus UG TA TT AC-FINAL

Creation of the Map Edit

For starters, as a base map, I used a modified satellite image, which was conformed to National Geographic's World Without Ice graphic, which depicts areas of continents covered by water due to rising sea levels, just like in the series. I then added in the district boundaries for Panem, based on the partial map from the Catching Fire movie, as well as things I have read on the wiki, speculation, etc.

Panem Edit

I then added in the civilizations. I figured that there would be more than one settlement in some of the Districts, especially the larger ones, such as 2,4,7,9,10, and 11, where it is also explicitly stated in the books that Districts 2 and 11 have multiple towns/settlements in them. I also named most of the cities, mostly with Roman-influenced names, or names of Roman gods and goddesses, such as Mercurii for District 6 and Neptune for 4. Most of the smaller towns have populations around 2,500-4,000. The Capitol would be located in northwestern Colorado or eastern Utah.

Tugonia Edit

For Tugonia, I figured that most of the cities/towns would keep their original Canadian names. For the prairie lands that once were occupied by Saskatchewan and Manitoba, most of the industry is farming-related. There are several small farming towns clustered around one larger town, and then there are major cities, such as Calgary, Saskatoon, and New Winnipeg. The capital is L'Anse-Saint-Jean, which is home to the nation's parliament. The prime minister is Jean-Paul Maximillan Rennes II.

Transatlantica Edit

Transatlantica encompasses the areas that were once Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize, and northern Costa Rica. Transatlantica has a very advanced economy, and a democratic government, which is seated in Mexico City. Transatlantica thrives on tourism from areas such as Europe, Tugonia, and other South American countries (excluding Circenses). Transatlantica has 41 states. There is a complex highway and railroad system that links the cities. The president is Sergio Ramoza.

Tierra Taino Edit

Tierra Taino is located just north of Circenses. It only has a few major cities, mostly situated around Lake Maracaibo and the northern coastline. They also have a democratic government, as well as a system of highways and railroads. The capital is Ciudad del Lago Maracaibo. The nation's population was about 39 million at the last census. The president is Ricardo Valzara.

Antillean Confederation Edit

The Antillean Confederation (AC) is composed of what once were the greater islands of the Caribbean. They rely heavily on tourism and sugarcane exports. They have a democratic government. The capital is Nuevo Havana, and the president is Fernando Leon.