Due to the complete disaster of the last system in place, a new system will be put in place in order to allow order and more opportunities to edit.

What to do with former pages:Edit

  • All pages marked with Phaeton1622: or Mperez1858: should not be touched unless by those two specific users.
  • All pages should be categorized at some point with at least one category.

In its place...Edit

  • Certain events will take place at regular intervals:
    • The various reapings
    • The Rebellion and its succesor
    • Anything else written in the plan
  • Any countries that will be formed have either been planned or it will never happen.
  • All pages will be marked with certain prefixes listed below
  • Character pages will be dealt with in the Policy pages


This will be the new way to name pages on here. If you come up with better or new page names, please leave a message with one of the admins or bureaucrats, be aware that most are inactive.

As to the names...Edit

  • If the page is a 'Number' page (which has to do with each expansion), which there should only be one page with this prefix per rotation
    • Number [Number] Main Page
      • ex. Number Three Main Page
  • If the page is a roleplay page
    • RP/Panem:[page name (location)]
      • ex. RP/Panem:Mayor Undersee's Office
    • RP/Circenses:[page name (location)]
      • ex. RP/Circenses:District 19 Training Center
    • RP/[any country name]:[page name (location)]
      • ex. RP/Mesopelegia:The Prime Minister's Residence
  • If the page is a general roleplay page
    • General RP/Panem: [page name (location)]
      • General RP/Panem:The Northeast Sector of the 45th Hunger Games Arena
    • General RP/Circenses: [page name (location)]
      • General RP/Circenses:District 14 Justice Building
    • General RP/[country name]: [page name (location)]
      • General RP/Mesopelegia:Federal Capital Territory
  • If the page is an information page
    • Panem/Info: [Page name]
      • Panem/Info:District 11
    • Circenses/Info: [Page name]
      • Circenses/Info:The Capitol
    • [Country name]/Info: [Page name]
      • Adelia/Info:Adelia
  • If the page is a character page
    • [Country name]/[District number or the Capitol]|Number [number]:[Character name]
      • Panem/The Capitol|Number One:Plutarch Heavensbee
  • If the page is a Hunger Games title page
    • [Panem/Circenses]/Hunger Games:Number [Number]|The [#] Hunger Games
      • Panem/Hunger Games:Number One|The 37th Hunger Games
  • If the page is a Hunger Games-related page
    • [Panem/Circenses]/Hunger Games:Number [Number]|The [#] Hunger Games:[Page name]
      • Circenses/Hunger Games:Number One|The 75th Hunger Games:Jason Karlsson