District 2
The seal of District 2

Previous Industry



Mayor Lyme

District 2
is one of the fourteen districts of Panem.


District 2 culture is based around around what was once there dictated industry. Many houses are carved into the earth in small mining villages.Their fine masonry is a common observetion in their lifestyle. It also reflects on fashion, greys and metallic colours always being intricately included in clothing.


President Lyme is currently mayor of District 2. She might also win the Elections for President.


District 2 has harsh laws that the people still favor. This is favored to control any possible increasing crime rates, which are so likely. The laws are still just and nowhere near the prevous laws dictated by the old Panem.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Our nation would be nothing without District 2's superb stonework. It builds and fortifies our cities, and its citizens are individually known their strength."