The Capitol Seal

The Capitol
is the central seat of government in Panem. It is home to what once was the dictatorship run by President Snow.


Style and Fashion are important to the people of the Capitol. Dying and tattoing the body are common as well as plastic surgery. Known results include whiskers, talons, gem implantations and others. Wigs are also common in a multitude of colors.

The latest fad is fiery colours with biker-like designs for leather. Fashion sources say next season will have a layered appearance with pelts and icey colours.

Ipecac was often used in Capitol parties to make one vomit to be able to fill oneself up withfood again. This has now been illegalized.

The Capitol accent is a more high pitched version of a Canadian accent. It is most likely a decendant of this accent once common in this area. However, it is more complex than this. There jaws barely open when talking, and they sometimes speak as if asking a question. They have odd vowels, clipped words and hiss at the letter "s".


Today, the Capitol is still head of government, just a different one. The Republic of Panem is a democratic government that took the place of a single-party dictatorship led by President Snow. President Alma Coin (of Disrict 13) was first to take office. She was was murdered by the infamous leader of the rebellion, Katniss Everdeen, aka, The Mockingjay. She was replaced by President Paylor of District 8. Paylor was re-elected and then re election laws were finally set up for the young country. She would be President for her last 5-year term. She was replaced by President Anton Kendrick of District 9.

Local Government

Current Mayor of The Capitol is Maximus Arcturus.


After the rebellion, many Capitol residents gained the majority of the nation's white collar jobs. Now there as common anywhere in Panem.